Ciao a tutti!

Ciao a tutti!
ho raggiunto una svolta decisiva nella mia vita, allora ho deciso di fare questo blog ancora... leggi, commenta e divertiti :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

and life continues to move forward...

Saying good bye/so long/see you later is never easy...

So a couple of days ago I met up with a few of my friends down town t.o. to say good buy to one of our "group". Having been friends since first year uni and now moving on in separate directions is both exciting and poopy at the same time. I have to say tho, my friend, starting her PHD at 21 is absolutely AMAZING!! Ellie, I hope you have a safe move and I hope to make it to Philly to visit you!!
Adriana and Ellie
Julia and Steph (Me)

My own life seems to be moving forward in baby steps... I finally am getting more consistent 'day shifts' at work, and am getting more creative tasks and responsibilities. I am also get recognition which is nice - do I hear "super star of the month", I think so :P aha. This is great for now, however that European job would be so welcome now!! I'm still on the hunt, and need to get more engaged in searching again... after a few months job hunting can be make me so unmotivated, but I need to get back at it.

The BF is still working on the cruise ship thousands of miles away... che palle is all I have to say about that. MI MANCHI BELLO!!

Well, nothing too exciting for now... need to return a pair of shoes tomorrow. Winners is starting to get worse quality of clothing and it's so easy to stare at the clothes for so long that you eventually choose the best of what is there... but which is still sub-par, and so RETURN!

Anywho, ciao for now!!


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