Ciao a tutti!

Ciao a tutti!
ho raggiunto una svolta decisiva nella mia vita, allora ho deciso di fare questo blog ancora... leggi, commenta e divertiti :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Che bel weekend!!

Ho avuto il primo weekend con tempo bellissimo! Finalemente! Ho potuto lasciare la finestra aperta alla notte e ho fatto qualche cose all'esterno. Sono andato in bici per la prima volta questa primavera e ho avuto due serate belle con amici (grazie mille grace e ryan per cena e crepes domenica sera!! Dovete venire a casa mia la prossima volta) . Domani dovrò lavorare ancora, e questa settimana cominciarò cercare un lavoro in europa. Avete qualche suggerimenti per la mia ricerca? (per favore!!) ohhh italia, mi manchi tantissimo! 

My job search in Europe will be a bit of a challenging one, and hopefully I will be able to learn and pass on some helpful information for others who decide to go live/ work abroad. Luckily, authorization is not a problem for me since I have my European passport... it just comes down to: conoscere le lingue e trovare un lavoro. Both of which I need to work on. Therefore time to study and job search!! 

I’ll update soon :) and hopefully have something interesting to share!

Ci sentiamo,

Stefania ;)

Ps. It's 2 days into using my old phone, and it is not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, in someways I actually enjoy it!! The sms-ing is so nice with actual keys instead of touch screen, not sure how I will go back. I suppose the internet access and other functions will make it much easier than I think right now (might have something to do with convincing myself that it is not all that BAD having to use my old phone)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A rant on technology services...

Oggi, ho alzato e ho visto che è una bellissima giornata! c'è sole, fa caldo... and then I went to turn on my phone - kaput, no battery, wont turn on. Fantastico! so I went to charge it and guess what, the charger wont work. I try a different charger - no luck, after an hour of freaking out and trying to get it to work I realize my phone really is broken. That means its time to make a phone call to rogers... now I don't know about you, but I hate going through the process of listening to the automated voices, pushing all those damn buttons and going in circles in digital limbo. It frustrates me when I need to find my bus information (Mississauga transit isn't too bad, but greyhound! mamma mia that one is frustrating), it frustrates me when I want to call into my own work, and it certainly frustrates me now when I just want to get my phone fixed. I may now slightly understand the intimidation of live video agent at work, however I argue at least you are talking to and see a real person. Anyways, so I finally get through, tell them my situation. Great, but then I have to go get "daddy" on the phone to authorize anything... do I sound like I'm 5? 10? even 15?!  I'm over 20 and I just want to get my phone fixed, not change any account settings, just get my phone fixed and I have to get my dad to authorize it! Okay fine, get dad, dad authorizes, and steph gets back on the phone. Rogers guy, "you need to take your phone into a rogers store they will ship it out to get fixed, it's going to take at least 7 business days". Well dang nabbit! My brother called in a month or two ago with a broken phone, needed no "daddy" authorization and got a new phone sent to him in two days. This was seriously frustrating. At least I have an extra phone to use... something about using one of their loaner phones sounds sketchy. I mean other people (who you don't know) have held that phone up to their face, put it who knows where, and have done who knows what with it! So I will be reverting back to my old sony ericson W810i for probably two weeks while my lovely x10 gets fixed... the likely hood of people getting a hold of me is zero since this phone is old and doesn't hold charge very long. This cannot be a good sign for my job search!

Hopefully the rest of the long weekend goes better!!

Ci sentiamo,



Friday, May 20, 2011

Turning Point

My four years of undergraduate studies have come to a close and graduation is just around the corner (along with a very exciting glee concert!!!!!). With this turning point I am starting back at this page and will hopefully take it in a new, engaging direction! Changes are in progress, so bare with me... It's been a while but I'm back :)